Eulogy is a writing or a speech that praises someone for their service to the country, to the army and so on. The purpose of an eulogy is to always remember the person for what good have they done, what impact does the person have on the lives of other people and what message they send to other people through their actions. Eulogies are often done during the time of someone’s funeral or retirement. Eulogy speeches / funeral speeches are often performed by a close friend or a family member in order to gain some good insight on the person’s character. There are some countries that prohibits eulogy out of respect for traditions. Here are some eulogy examples; Dr. Martin Luther Junior’s friends and family speaking about the good that hr has done for his or her people.
For those who are living and just went into retirement, an eulogy us given by an old colleague. Here are some more famous eulogy examples; Ronal Reagan’s eulogy for the actions of the 1986 Space Shuttle Crew and Charlie Spencer’s speech anout Princess Diana. Whether ot not that they have done a lot of bad, eulogy is meant for people to remthe good times that each and everyone close had with that person and let that person move on or rest in life.
There several types of eulogy; the short biography is pretty much telling what did the dead or retired person went through in life that help shape the type of person they were today and there are so many others